Sancerre, as if you were there….

The exposure of our vines, combined with the soil and the amount of annual rainfall received enable us to obtain structured, subtly fruity wines which are so widely sought after by connoisseurs.

These natural qualities have helped us remain dedicated to giving back to the consumer the most beautiful images of the Sancerre region. Our harmonious product range of white, red, and rosé expresses lightness, simplicity and a connection to the earth. Gastronomes will never go wrong with these very accessible wines!

Chezatte Estate wines are repeatedly found on upscale dining tables….. Is this by coincidence ?

Domaine de la Chezatte

White, red and rosé, rich and varied associations

Sancerre White

The clay -with- flint soil combined with a few limestone parcels of land give the Estate’s Sancerre a pale, brilliant colour, with a fine, intense smell as well as hints of minerals quite typical of the area. In the mouth, it is fresh with good body and a citrus background.
The intensity of the Vintage makes it go well with all types of seafood. Its liveliness brings out the iodized flavour in oysters; its finesse will bring out the smokiness of salmon or the spices of asian cuisine.

Can be drunk now. Keeps 3 to 5 years 

Sancerre white Cuvée Prestige

This cuvee will surprise you initially with its powerful smell, then will overwhelm you with its delicateness and wide range of fruity flavours.
As an aperitif it will reveal its hidden secrets.
It will heighten sublte dishes such as foie gras, grilled fish or seared scallops.

Can be drunk now
Keeps 3 to 5 years

Sancerre rosé

Made from Pinot Noir grapes

A lovely salmon hue with orange glints, this subtle, dry, elegant wine is surprisingly original. It is of superb quality and fruity.

Can be drunk now
Keeps 2 to 4 years

Sancerre red

This is a superb quality wine with a red-fruit bouquet and hints of spices. It can be enjoyed throughout the entire meal, with cold meats and cheeses as well as with meat or even a simple omelette!
Some will also savour it with fish.

Can be drunk now
Keeps 4 to 6 years

Cuvée Chante-Merle

Aged 1 year in oak barrels,
that gives to this wine subtle wood
and vanilla notes

The abuse of alcohol can be hazardous to your health.
Consume with moderation.