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Implantation du vignoble de l'AOC Sancerre

 Four generations of wine-growers


1932: Gabriel and Isabelle Maudrey arrive at the Chezatte estate. The estate is uncultivated.

1945: Planting on one hectare of Gamay for family consumption.

1952: Beginning of planting vines with business plans in mind.

1959: the town of Saint-Gemme obtains th AOC label for its vines.

1960: Purchase of the estate for life, which ended 33 years later after the death of the owner.

1972: The estate's wine-producing area reaches 15 hectares.

1977: The estate reaches 20 hectares and becomes equipped with a cooling chamber as well as two harvesting bins. A decree forbids all vines planted within more than 1m30cm from each other to be classified AOC; the 20 hectares of the estate are planted within 1m80cm of each other.

1980: Purchase of a mechanical grape-harvester - the first in the Sancerre region.

1985: Purchase of a bottling machine (bottling 1200 bottles per hour).

1986: The estate purchases an adhesive labelling machine and begins the eight-year process of uprooting its 20 hectares of vines, replanting them over 30 hectares of land ,in accordance with the A.O.C. appellation decree.

1991: 85% of the estate's vines were damaged by frost.

1994: The third generation of the family takes over the estate.

1996: Renovation of the tasting room as well as the facades of the buildings and the courtyard.

1999: Acquisition of two 1009Hl assembly casks and extension of the cellar.

2000: Purchase of a new bottling machine, with DEPALETISEUR bottling 4500 bottles per hour.

2003: Installation of the thermoregulation of the vats is completed.

2008: The fourth generation enters into the estate's affairs.